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Yeah, I’m chatty and always have a story to tell or wisdom (aka, unsolicited advice) to share. One day while telling a “back in the day” story to my daughter, I started having hot flashes. Rolling her eyes, my daughter said, “Oh boy, here we go, if you aren’t having flashbacks, you’re having hot flashes.” She was spot on. A blog idea was born!

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That Time I Declared Myself Chinese American

When I was 3 years old, I went into a public bathroom with my mom and while we were in the stall together I discussed being Chinese and American. Then I declared myself Chinese American! When we opened the door to exit the stall, a white lady was waiting for us to emerge. She approached…

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59 and Counting…

Yes, I turned 59 this month! There, I said it. I typed it! After I write this, anyone who reads this will know my age! NO backsies! Gotta own it now! When I turned 50, even though I joked about being OLD, I didn’t feel OLD. I felt great—physically—and emotionally! I was ready to head…

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Celebrating the Challah-Days and How We Became the Chinnsteins

Oh My! How did this happen? Christmas is today and I did not even get a chance to blog about all the flashbacks Thanksgiving triggered! Then there was Hanukkah, and those eight days flashed by too. I started this post about Hanukkah 25 days ago and since I also like to call it the Challah-Days,…

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